Elizabeth A. Jones


Elizabeth Jones is responsible for the collection and analysis of the historical documentary data. She has been affiliated and has conducted research with the Research Laboratories of Archaeology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill since 1992. As a researcher in Historical Ecology, she has degrees in history, anthropology and interdisciplinary medieval studies. Her Ph.D. research in the historical demography of the Parish of Uxeau in the research area, went beyond the standard demographic analyses to utilize the parish records for the extraction of land-use data (Jones 2006, 2009). Her work with hand-written parish records dating from the 1630s through the 19th century has made her proficient in early modern French palaeography, and familiar with the archaic words and local usages of language in the research area. She has worked in the local town, départemental and regional archives of the research area since 1995. She directed the collection of the historical documents described above. A very few were available online. A greater number were obtained at the governmental archives. But some were only available in village town halls, their existence unknown even to the local officials in charge of the town records, and only obtained through special permission obtained to explore through files unopened for many decades. She has also been involved in the digitization and extraction of features of the historical maps described above, and so well understands the types of relationships that may be drawn between the maps and the historical data.