Seth Murray


Seth Murray, Teaching Assistant Professor of International Studies and Anthropology at North Carolina State University lead the oral history component of this research.  He is a native of Tours, in the Central Loire Valley of France. He has conducted research in the study area of Burgundy and in the Basque region of southwestern France and northern Spain since 1999. As an ethnographer, he has expertise in historical ecology, the politics of European agriculture, and in the cultural anthropology of rural France (Murray, Scholl and Crumley 2010). Murray’s research in Burgundy has investigated the intergenerational changes in environmental and agricultural risk-perception and risk-mitigation strategies among Charollais cattle farmers, particularly as they relate to historical and contemporary water management practices, as well as the relationship between microclimatology and the socio-ecological vulnerability of farmers (Murray 2009; Madry et al. 2011;). In the Basque region, Murray has conducted ethnographic, oral history, and extensive archival research examining the management and use of resources by farmers over the past two centuries, most recently as relates to the expansion of non-agricultural activities into rural mountain areas (Murray 2003; 2007; 2010; Murray in review; Murray and Welch-Devine 2011).